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How to convert a normal table into a drop-leaf? Answered

Hi all,

I recently gave away a table that was too large and, in return, got a smaller one. It is 36" exactly across. It's smaller, but still not small enough for my liking.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to convert it to have two of the sides hinged, drop-leaf style? That part is easy enough, I suppose, but my real question is how to make those drop leafs functional if I need more space.

I know the picture is terrible; I haven't actually picked the table up yet, this is what I was sent.

Any ideas?


There's not a lot of table-top there that can become drop-leaves. You might be looking at as little as 3-4 inches of top you can drop on each side, which will only gain you about 4 inches overall.

Yeah, I'd definitely have to move the legs inward, and that may or may not require a smaller apron (I don't know how the legs are attached yet).

I think you're looking at major surgery there...