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How to convert a small 3-wheel bandsaw into a strip sander? Answered

I have an old (fully working) 3-wheel Draper bandsaw made redundant some time back by a new, larger Axminster bandsaw. I think it would be useful if I could convert it for use as a strip sander.
Anyone done this?
Anyone got any bright ideas?


Not going to be easy.

IF your have a belt sander it will be easier to make a vertical bracket to hold it upright

I have a belt sander with a bracket for use vertically or horizontally but it is not really very good for sanding small fiddly parts where a narrower belt would be much better. Besides, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Recycler, can't bear to throw a good machine away!

Just to add two images of the saw......

Draper Bandsaw Interior.JPGDraper Bandsaw Upper Wheel.JPG

...and forgot to give dimensions:-
Wheel dia 6in
Wheel thickness 18mm (about 5/8in)
Band length 56in (1422mm)

don't see any major reason it couldn't work - how wide are the wheels ?

Wheels only about 20mm wide but had thought I might widen to 25 or 30mm with a band of (something?) from laminated scraps. Ideas?

Worth a try just gluing on some MDF discs perhaps ?

I think the hardest part may be finding a sanding belt to fit it.

Good point, I think (from dim memory!) that blades for this saw were 56", but will check. Will then have a little firkle through Google to see if I can find something that would fit, or possibly make them.

Try any local "abrasive" supplier, or, if you're stuck, try "Finaids" in Bury, Lancs. - they make all our custom abrasives.