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How to convert my wood burning fireplace into a propane fireplace for as cheap as possible. Answered

I have seen the kits in the store with the fake wood and burner and I know they have fireplace glass that looks nice too. I would like to know how to build a propane burner so I can most likely use the fireplace glass. That seems the most economical.



8 years ago

Even if there are kits available I wouldn't touch one. Have a pro do the conversion for you. Propane is very dangerous stuff...

This is not really a place for a diy project. Propane is nasty stuff. It's heavier that air so a small leak doesn't dissapate like nat. gas. You need a regulator and valves etc. meant for propane. You insurance company would disallow your claim when they found out that you built you own gas logs and burned your house down. Save a little more and get a set of gas logs that come with a warantee and have them installed by a propane licensed plumber. You'll sleep better at night.