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How to create a device to accept wifi? Answered

Hey guys,
I wanted to know if it is possible to create a device to work on wifi? If so, may you guide me to the instructions.

Thanks a million!




Answer 6 years ago

Yes I know it's not an easy task. That's why I am willing to learn the concepts. I know a few things about it but not exactly the things needed to create it.

I can not disclose much as it's part of my invention.

But just basic computer building tips that you guys know.
When building a computer- what is added to the board to make the computer recognize wifi around.

Some laptops have wifi built in. How and what is built in is my question?
Am I able to buy this wifi built in device and place it some where else to make my device work?

I hope it's clear now.
Thank you once again

It's called a wireless NIC. The trouble isn't the actual hardware (although heaven knows that would be hard enough for you to build if you even have to ask this question), but the most trouble you would have is writing the code to interact with the hardware. Probably the easiest way to add WiFi to a project is an Arduino with a WiFi shield, but there again, you have to write your own code. And since you can't even get the right terminology, I sincerely doubt that you're going to be writing your own code any time soon. Sad; but true.

Yes I know it's hard.
But I will look into what you wrote. You wrote some good information.

I have to start some where nuh.
Thank you very much for your time and everyone else's as well.

hello zd1lkh4n , do u mind me asking if u made any progress on ur project. Im actually making a wifi based project. Care to share more information with me?

You can buy external wireless adapters that are just like the ones built into laptops but that doesn't mean your project will be able to interface with it. The code that allows that is written into drivers specifically for each OS (windows, mac, etc.). If you are an experianced programmer you could concivably write a driver for your specific project but you may have to ask for/buy info from the company that made the adapter.

I think thegeeke hits it on the head suggesting Arduino+WiFi Shield.

How ? Do you mean making the whole thing ???

How do people create wifi acception devices.

Example: In iPhone we just go to the wifi place and select it.

But how does the iPhone have that software or parts to let us accept it.
How do we create something like this on another device and let us use the wifi on it.
Hope it's clear now.

Wifi is one of those things that if you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand the answer.

While this doesn't seem to be according to the 'be nice' policy, it is just the correct answer.

It is just not possible to guide you through the process of building a wifi device from scratch - if you don't know the basics of wifi at all.

It's like brain surgery. While there might be someone around, who could explain a thalamotomy, you still should not try this at home.

If you (zd1lkh4n) really, really, really want to make a device wifi compliant, dedicate some (well, a lot of) time for learning about inter-device-communication, wifi and all that other stuff that goes with it.

Sorry, sometimes there isn't an easy way.

You're going to have to be more specific. What exactly do you want to wifi enable?