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How to create a methane/ biogas generator? Answered

After reading this article http://parksparkproject.com/home.html it occurred to me, not for the first time, that home owners and community groups could be harvesting a lot more energy in their own backyards if approached properly.

Anyone have thoughts on how to turn an outhouse into a methane engine? I happen to live in a place where outhouses are still quite common (think former CIS)...

How to keep oxygen out, that's the question, isn't it? You make the deposit... how to keep oxygen from getting in?


This is done a lot in rural China and India so not too difficult. 3 people produce enough waste to run a small office heating and lighting.

Some information HERE 

A simple brick lined pit 3 or 4 meters deep and perhaps 2 meters in diameter.  A domed brick roof with an access trap in the side that exits below the surface of the waste. The gas is collected in the roof and piped out.

This needs emptying but the waste will make good fertiliser.

A simple 500 gauge poly tube 50 meters long with the ends tied up with rope will also work. Tie twice separated by 2 or 3 meters to make an airlock for fillinf anf emptying.

Waste in one end - fertiliser out the other gas out of the top.

I don't think your link worked but thanks for the info.



We reside here in South Africa and our company is a non profit organisation that wants to look at omunity driven projects. One of them being methane gas into electricity. As some of our communities are very poor, and for them to produce a small amount of electricity out of their waste would be hugely benificial. Would you be able to assist us in this regard?