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How to crochet, a beginners anything? Answered

I believe I have the matierials, two needles, (about 1/4 inch thick, came with a crochet set, the instructions major suck...) and alot of yarn. (Camo yarn, If anyone is interested.) What can I do, as a beginner, to start a basic crochet...row? column? stitch? project? I dont know what you'd call it... Is there any way to crocket aroung something, like that instructable about a pink gun cozy?

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kristinazero (author)2009-07-28

I've done a couple of novice crochet instructables:

A cellphone/iPod cozy:

A drink cozy/wristwarmer:

To be honest, both are pretty much rectangles that are folded and sewn up. =o) For me, perfecting my rectangles was a great place to start! Once you've made cozies for iPods and beer bottles, you'll have the basic know-how to crochet for handguns etc.

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grooooovy (author)kristinazero2010-08-08

Make a drawstring bag- there's an instructable for it

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