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How to cut pieces of rubber sole? Answered

I'm currently making a pair of rollerskates out of army boots and other things. The rubber is in the way for a few bolts on the baseplate, and cutting the rubber away with a small stanley knife just ended in bloodshed. Does anyone have a better idea?


You need a sharper knife. I'm guessing that you cut yourself because the knife slipped off the surface, right? That's why everyone says that a dull is more dangerous than a sharp one. The knife is too dull and you are applying to much pressure to compensate for this fact. If you don't have a sharp knife, learn to sharpen one here https://www.instructables.com/id/Knife-Sharpening-Tricks/

Or make skates that just strap to the boots a bit like skis.


I don't need to go all the way through to the sole, I already passed that stage. The problem with the "like skis" idea is that, while a sysem like xsjado's would work fine, this wouldn't. The skates are for going into the pool. Otherwise, it would be a good idea for skates as a means of transportation.

"going into the pool"?
I'm not understanding that.


Unless your planning a cool-stunt?!


Deeds of my pre-cursors: http://www.skatelogforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18509 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3PVbWdH0lA In the video, the skatepark you see is called a pool or a bowl. You'll understand why they're called pools. If we want to look at etymology, I once heard a definition that stated that pools are really (californian) empty pools, and bowls is what we've made when it was really designed and built for skating. Not many skaters really split hairs like that. I do sometimes. :)

When I first started started going to Fillmore skatepark to skate I would always notice this older guy who wore these weird roller skate things that strapped over his shoes. At first I thought he was some kook. Then out of nowhere I see him just hauling toaward the vert ramp and I just watch in awe as this guy air out a good 5 feet above coping on these cheap plastic over-your-shoes roller skates.

Ah right, thanks for the education there.


(I wanted to know the origin of bandanna, apparently it's probably Portuguese, from Hindi...)

if you have an old soldering iron you could use the tip to melt away the rubber.

Hmm, I guess that will make the soldering iron unuseable for electronics, huh?

maybe not. after you've finished melting the rubber you could probably wipe most of the excess off with rag or something, the rest might just burn off. just be careful, those things get hot!

To be honest though, if the soles are a vulcanized rubber, the iron probably won't won't melt it.

If it is just to make clearance for bolts or boltheads, use a drill.

You could use a wood chisel.  And a wooden mallet.

Or use a power drill and the right sized bit to do the main work then trim up VERY carefully with a sharp utility knife.

A dremel with a cutting burr bit.

A hack saw will cut rubber very well.