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How to cut something out of my psp for mod (slim)? Answered


I want to mod my psp.
I want to buy the silver case from www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.13368  I want to cut out the silver ring on the back of my psp and glue plexiglass on the other side. But how do I cut out the ring??
I want it too look like the back of this psp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GchoVUfJfIA&feature=related you can see the back at 0:54. Please help me and please dont send lmgtfu links. 




Best Answer 8 years ago

This guide has a really nice way to cut circles well with a dremel cutting disk by tilting the angle of the dremel. You can then neaten it up with a sanding disk.

You could use a hole saw without the center bit. Probably a carbide one for cutting tile would be best, as long as you go slowly. The only real trick would be finding the right size.
I'd also use a drill press instead of trying to freehand it.

you could cut it out....

but it wouldn't be neat

i would use a router/dremel to cut it out

but i will have nasty edges if u cut it out with a dremel right?

What cutting-tools do you have to use?