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How to cut this "unusual" led strip? Answered

Hello everyone!!!
Greetings from Italy, i'm Seto86 longtime member, first time "asker" ;).

A few days ago, i've bought a "supposedly 3528" led strip. i need to cut it, but (as you can see in the image) the connections are strange, at least for me. they're too little to cut in half and they're shaped in a P thingy.
So my question is: how do i cut it? and what's the positive pole?

Sorry for my english, but...you know...it's a-me mario!!! ;)



Best Answer 5 years ago

See the cut.
Your pic is too poor to make out polarity.
Need to see both sides focused.
Unless some one is familiar with that particular one.




You really do cut halfway through that copper and peel back some of the insulation then solder the new wires on. There is generally a + side and a - side marked in the silkscreen. If not, then follow where your power comes in, it will stay the same orientation the whole length.


5 years ago

thanks a lot guys, i've cutted the copper and followed the power to find the polarity.I've bought an Xacto knife to do that , 'cause the copper were freakingly small ;)

Not sure, but could the "P thingy " possibly be the Positive,
and the minus thingy be the negative?

Just cut so you have a "P" and "-" thingy on each piece.