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How to disassemble a small glass fuse? Answered

I need to disassemble a small glass fuse like in the picture, but EVERY PART MUST STAY IN ONE PIECE ! I need to disassemble it and than put it back together like it was, so it means that I can't brake the glass or bend the metal caps too hard...
How can I disassemble a small glass fuse without braking it?




Best Answer 8 years ago

I have done that MANY TIMES years ago... All you need to do is heat the metal cap with soldering iron... then use two needlenose pliers to HOLD ONTO the super hot parts and PULL them apart.  Heat each end one at at time and pull apart.  Wear safety goggles because a couple of them may shatter.... you dont want GLASS SHARDS in your eyeball.  Work slowly and carefully so you dont touch the HOT parts.  I hope you are not trying to REPAIR a fuse by placing thin wire inside them..... that might not be wise because you dont know how many AMPERES it will take to blow out your homebrew fuse.  Of course, this operation will destroy whatever fusewires are inside the glass tube... I know of no way to avoid THAT.

Thanks for the explanation!
No, I am not trying to make it function again...I'm not that ignorant...
I need the glass vial for a project of mine...actually I need every part of the fuse. I need to take 1 cap out and fill the vial with a special fluid and put it back together...
Your comment/answer pretty much covers it how I should attempt to take it apart !
Thank you framistan!  

It is much simpler than you would think. I came across this forum looking for an answer and thought I'd share my results.

It's as simple as getting a lighter and heating up one metal end, then removing it with pliers.

You can use a sewing needle to pick out the coil in the center until you can get it with the pliers.

Very very simple, I'm shocked nobody has posted this.


8 years ago

smash the glass

Did you read the question...?

It's going to depend on what's holding it together.  If it's epoxy, then you'd need an epoxy solvent.

Have you tried calling the manufacturer?

Just out of interest, to destroy normal epoxy, heat the item to about 100 C. Better still, if it will take it, put the item in a pressure cooker for a few minutes.


Since nobody's yet asked, I gotta.  What are you gonna do with this?  Why do you need to get it apart so you can put it back together?

.  Heat will usually do the job. I've had good luck with a soldering iron and hemostats.
.  I doubt if you will be able to get it back together well enough to pass close inspection, but you may be able to get close enough to fool someone as a prank.

 I've had plenty of old ones come apart, especially old ones when they've blown.  I'd try putting it on a stovetop element on low heat for a few seconds, then hold it with pliers on both ends and gently twist.  The heat should loosen the glue and once it is able to twist, the only thing holding it together is the fuse wire. More twisting should break the wire & it should separate.

You haven't said why you want it apart, but I've drilled micro-holes in the ends, then fed fuse wire through and soldered the holes to repair odd shaped fuses or late night car stereo troubleshooting sessions when I couldn't buy more.


8 years ago

I once needed the glass vial from a fuse and I was able to disassemble the fuse by heating the metal caps with a soldering iron and pulling them off by hand.
You'll want to wear gloves to do this, but it worked.