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How to disassemble the rear bike sprocket ? Answered

I am working on an electric bike/ cart thing. I can either use an extremely small tire (scooter) and the chain that fits that sprocket, or a bike tire and sprocket. I have limited resources and money. I have an old rear wheel sprocket from a bmx mike. This was cut down about a year ago and was not done very well. The sprocket is not level. i was wondering if there is a way to pluck the center piece, i think it's the hub, out of the sprocket to just use the toothed part. without cutting or welding as i no longer have my grinder and have no access to a welder right now.


You might be better off using a toothed belt. rather than a chain.

You can make your own gearing then. Toothed belts can be found in garages for nothing as they change cam belts long before they are worn out and deal with 100's a year.

Get 2 that are the same tooth pitch.

Make a plywood circle the correct size for as many teeth as you require to fit round. Glue and screw a section of toothed belt to the circle - you now have a sprocket.Make another bigger or smaller and join them with another belt.

that is a great idea, but i would need 3 so
that i have a belt, wouldnt i need a belt tensioner too?

The belt tensioner is only another wood circle on an arm with a spring - If you tension the unloaded side (usually the bottom) you don't need a lot of pressure.

IF your building from scratch then you may be able to arrange things so the belts just fit - they don't stretch a lot.

you can make all sorts of configurations like this.


you can try find a metal lathe and use it to enlarge the hole as much as you need to put a shaft on it, or use a threaded rod with two nuts each sideto lock the gear in place

nevermind, one ring and it fell apart