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How to do a rats & diggers proof Chicken Tractor? Answered

'Cause if I simply put chicken wires in the ground they cannot scratch off the ground, wich is a quite important part of the 'cleaning process' we look for, isnt it? i eard about staking fences on the ground laying 50cm all around to make long and difficult way for the rats to dig under
And why not even sharping the stakes to be nastier... ?
But if someone have more simple ideas, for more easy ;ooving and maintenance...
A good challenge!

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rickharris (author)2011-10-10

Sloping over hanging lid and set it on legs

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rickharris (author)2011-10-02

Not true if you put wire under it the chickens will still scratch through - In general a scratch mat is mad from 1 inch mesh though - rats aren't a big issue to chickens if they can roost - foxes etc are the problem.

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FeteLeToiMeme (author)rickharris2011-10-09

Yeah but they stoll all the food destinated for the chicken and i dont know if its because they are freaked out by them ou if they stoll the eggs, but we dont get eggs anymore!
-So, following you experience, fencing the ground too wont be a problem for the 'cleaning' process ?!

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rickharris (author)FeteLeToiMeme2011-10-09

Hang your food containers from the roof of the cage. If you put a wide "hat" around the hanging cord over the food container the mice etc will not be able to climb round it.

Another option is to stand the food container on a pillar about 5 inches high - this must be narrower than the bottom of the container so mice can not climb up into the food.

In general even rats and mice eat very little compared to the chickens. We have mice a plenty and I guess rats and often feed the chickens on the ground but they seem to get plenty of food..

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FeteLeToiMeme (author)rickharris2011-10-10

Yeah... i like much the idea of the innacessible food with a cone etc
but for the compost-worms trap how would you do? a chicken wire fenced compost?
Cause here is more rats and big once not affraid at all! (cause of the canals all around) and usually the chickens doesnt eat all the food scraps, but the rats....!
Allright ill try!


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