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How to draw a furry?

I have learned how to do this now!!!  In fact, I'm making some tutorials to post on DeviantArt and am putting them into a 'ible!  If anyone needs it, here it is! https://www.instructables.com/id/Drawing-AnthrosFurries/

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Cloud.Strife250 (author)2011-12-07

I love furries, the problem is drawing them. I can't even draw a wolf really good. I would appreciate it if you added me on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/CloudStrife297 or added me on facebook at Cloud.Strife250@yahoo.com or emailed me. I would really appreciate it I want to be good at drawing more than anything.

ktaala (author)Cloud.Strife2502012-04-14

I'd be happy to help if you'd like... though I wont guarantee good results but if you want to you can look at some of my art on FaceBook... Just look for Kiddo-kun Taala.

bfranko (author)2011-12-04

Actually Furries Are Just People Who Like To Draw Furries and Dress Up As A Furry, Just think of It Being Like An Actor being Someone Else,.... and only 17% furries are sexual in furry costumes :P

Electromau5 (author)2011-10-24

Im learing how to draw right now, and i want to learn how to draw stuff simular to VG cats. i want to do comic strips. any advice? see me here facebook.com/thedumbshow or twitter.com/statcmau5_exe

aceLED (author)2009-08-18

i gotta be honest furries ...r messed up but i will still try to give you my best answer i myself am only good with gimp but ive seen this guy on youtube
http://www.youtube.com/user/idrawgirls thats his account ive seen him draw wolfs deer everything there usually humanoid which is in the direction of a furrie :s but yea i guess u should let me see how it turns out lol good luck

wizerd 745 (author)aceLED2009-08-19

1st I don't actualy consider myself a furry (and no they aren't messed up) 2nd I draw on paper. Thanks though.

Bigev (author)wizerd 7452009-08-19

As long as it stays on paper, i have no problems. In fact, I can appreciate it as an art-form and have several friends who could help you.

Not me though.

darn stick figures

wizerd 745 (author)Bigev2009-08-19

what do you meen about it staying on paper? (thats as far as I can go anyway)

Bigev (author)wizerd 7452009-08-20

Some people get... creative. No more on it though. Disregard.

wizerd 745 (author)Bigev2009-08-20

talking about yiff? I don't do that. The furrys who do that are called furverts.

orksecurity (author)2009-08-18

Sounds like the first thing you need to learn to draw is a wolf. Then it's a matter of figuring out how to fit the wolf's head onto a humanoid body.

wizerd 745 (author)orksecurity2009-08-19

This is the approach I've taken, but you can't have it exactly like a real wolf head or it will just look wrong (I've tried it)

orksecurity (author)wizerd 7452009-08-19

How you looked at how others have approached the problem? There's no shortage of examples out there on the web to study... Dropping a note to someone who's been doing it might yield some recommendations on how to adjust the proportions.

wizerd 745 (author)orksecurity2009-08-19

thx, you have a good point.