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How to drive a CCD chip? Answered

I salvaged a Sharp LZ23H3V CCD chip from an rather old Kodak digital camera. I have looked at the datasheet for the part, and I am completely clueless on how to drive this thing so it would output an NTSC signal. Anyone got any suggestions on a driver circut?


I believe it's not easy to get datasheets of that devices I've also recovered (safely) a ccd chip of a panasonic dmc-fs7 but no info at all.
let me know if you find a source of information (I will if I do)

Saludos from Chile! :)

If anyone has any links to an example of a CCD driver, that would be nice.

What don't you understand ? Its quite hard to find some of the earlier papers on the subject which were more helpful than the modern-its-all-done-for-you parts.

Take a trawl around the E2V website and see if it helps.

You might note that the man who invented the CCD died a few weeks ago.


I looked at the datasheets, but I am currently trying to find a way to process the CCD's output for usage with an automated self-contained target tracking system based off of a PIC32MX795, which I assume has a high enough clock speed and enough RAM to handle real-time image processing. I've never really worked with image processing before, so its somewhat of a challenge. Normally, I have little or no money to work with, so I use what I can find. Thanks for the link, I'll look into it.

You ain't going to get NTSC out of that beastie without some very serious electronics I'm afraid.