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How to earn more tips working at sonic? Answered

I've been working at sonic for about a month now. I make a little bit under minimum wage and I used to make around ninety dollars in tips a night. Lately I've only been making about twenty a night. I'm still in high school and I have to pay for my own medicine (I have various medical problems) so this is fairly important to me. I understand location is a big part (I live in a small west Texas town that is over the top religious and fairly judgmental. I have various piercings in my ears and my septum as well. I have blue hair for the summer but I don't want to change my appearance in order to earn more.) I offer to throw out trash and to get condiments, etc. But im a nervous person and have trouble just going up to people and being over the top happy. I don't understand how (as ridiculous as that sounds) so, any help with this?                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I've tried looking this up but the only results I get are for waitresses or waiters that help people for about an hour apiece. And, working at sonic, I only really help people for around five minutes or less. So many of the tips for that *ex: Introductions, checking up on them etc,* Are of no use to me. Im sorry I cant be more specific on anything. Please help, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!


How much does the manager make? Find a community college or ask the health dept for information on servsafe. All those little fastfood restraunts require servsafe and the test is only a couple hundered to make double the money.

I go to Sonic once a week or so. Also in a small Texas town. You don't have to be over the top friendly. I like it when someone makes eye contact with me when they are talking to me. Put a smile on your face so you look friendly and happy to be here. I don't like it when someone looks like I'm the reason they had to get out of bed today.

A tip is not guaranteed and in hard times even those who understand how important a tip is may cut back.

Hi, I'm unfamiliar with what sonic is but I have read about a study which shows that a short touch of the arm actually makes people give larger tips. Maybe that could be of use to you.
I tried googling for the original article I read that in, couldn't find it but this gets close:

Thank you so much! I actually tried this today and made twenty dollars more than usual! :D

Allot of human psychology is based on "us" and "them". A light touch is a non-invasive way as being seen as being part of "us" and therefore you also get treated better in return.

There are other ways of being perceived as being "us" but with all of these come a warning: if people realise you are doing it it will backfire and they will like you less. Be discreet and dont push it!

Here goes (i still dont know what sonic is so im just using random examples):
- arm touching we already talked about
- mimicking: similar body language gives impression of being part of the same group. If the other party crosses their arms, wait 5 seconds or so and also cross your arms. They lean forward, you lean forward. etc. (abuse of this makes it look like you are making fun of them)
- repetition: If someone asks a question or makes a request repeat it back to them. "I want a vanilla late and a muffin" reply "So, one vanilla late and a muffin". This shows you are listening and care. (abuse again looks like you are making fun or are a total idiot..)
- be on their side: this one is a bit underhanded but ethical dilemmas i leave up to you. Imagine a client comes in and wants to buy am expensive digital camera, what you do is advise the client that he will get the same value for less money with a cheaper model. This way the client feels you are defending him against the shop and therefore on the client's team (you saved him money). Then when you suggest buying an expensive set of lenses, memory card, carry bag, etc, the client will trust your opinion and end up actually spending more. (abuse of this might get you fired if the boss thinks you are tanking his business for more tips...)

Yea Moe Instructables was a bit nasty in your question.

OK I was not a big fan when my son pierced his eyebrow his ears and other parts as well as dying his hair but it was him finding himself, I took him to get the piercings and made sure it was a clean shop.

I have one tattoo it was my pen name when I first started writing poetry and I have never regretted it. (Wasn’t macho to be a poet back then and where I lived.)

Do your avatar with the blue hair I want to see.

You are young and you are going to go through a number of jobs in life and not all of them are going to be a perfect match, so just relax and do your job until the next opportunity comes along and you find the profession just for you. And believe me you are going to wish these days back.

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I won awards for my writing all over the world but when I started I was “The Midnite Rider.” And yes midnite was a hint to Josehf. So yes I had to find myself also.

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Your best bet is to change jobs. If your not much of a people person then working for tips is not going to get you anywhere. Also if you look like a punk kid and don't want to change that then you certainly won't get the tips you want/need. Unfortunately the way you look will have a large effect on your earning potential in the unskilled labor force. Tattoos, piercings and colored hair can be very off putting to most people and have an impact on how people perceive you and will effect the kinds of jobs you can get.

I suggest you look for a job that doesn't force you to be a people person. Check out the local businesses and see what jobs are around. Avoid retail and restaurants as they will be less likely to hire you based on your looks and require a social aspect. When you go for an interview wear a suit and tie. If you don't have one then make sure you have your Sunday best on. Even if you going to interview to be a janitor the way you present yourself is important. I know lots of people with lots of tattoos, piercings and like to keep there hair different colors. But when they are at work they minimize the piercings and cover up most of the tats. Unless they are in a warehouse or some other job that keeps them out of the public eye.

Bottom line, be goth on your own time not on your employers time and you will be more successful in whatever job you have.

Thank you. I take out my septum during work anyways and have only had colored hair for about a week now. I plan on just dying it back to brown soon anyways. I put in an application at a local flower shop and i'm waiting for a reply. Sorry for sounding childish or anything. And, once again, thank you for the help!