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How to find newly joined instructables members? Answered

I would love to greet new instructables members and maybe answer their very first question or comment...and so on...so is there a way to find out if anyone has given their first comment or question and if there are any new members that just joined who I can greet!



Not easily I think. If you click on a members name you can see their profile it tells you when they joined and other details about their membership bu there isn't any global search for new members.

well you could greet me for starters. SOLVED.

Well since he won't, I will. Welcome to Instructables! Poke around, investigate, learn, build and share! Enjoy your new addiction =)

If you don't work for Instructables, it's not your role. It's well into the creepy range, and it would be more likely to drive folks AWAY from I'bles than to draw them in.

Please don't.


I disagree strongly. The fact that they've removed the ability to issue that query suggests that they've also reconsidered.

If you happen to notice a newcomer, and are replying to they anyway, "welcome" is appropriate. But I wouldn't suggest doing it when you don't already have a strong reason for talking to them. I know *I* would find that more disturbing than helpful; I'm not here to meet people, I'm here to share ideas.

But that's just the opinion of one user. De gustibus.

I didn't know that they removed it...I thought it was my computers problem.
I welcomed 1 user and from now on not really going to welcome any more users!
Thanks for the opinion!

I think that function was disabled a long time ago, so it's a "no".


aww...is there any way you can help and greet new members?