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How to fix a Wet Nintenod DS lite? Answered

My son dropped soda on he's DS lite, I power it down and removed the battery as quick as possible and wait for 3 days but now only turns the green light for a second beeps and flashes the top screen at the same time and then the green light turns off nothing else happens, I replaced the battery with my daughters DS with same result could anybody advice if this can be repaired or is it just better to keep it for parts? Thanks you guys!!


You know, 50 bucks for a refurbished it is not very good, sorry to say. You can repair a DS with the top part ripped off for at most 18 dollars. I am currently fixing one in that state from my friend and then going to sell it for profit, so instead of contacting Nintendo, who will make a profit off of you, go look at some instructables, go to http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1887 to get a trigram screwdriver for 85 cents and open the DS up with the instructables you find. Happy fixing!

Go to Nintendo.com Then contact through customer service... My son dropped and they only charged $50.00 to refurbish Also I've heard to put in a bag of rice...Good Luck!

Hi this is the symptom for blown fuses I think google f1 and f2 replacement loads of tutorials. Best of luck

You might try contacting Nintendo. I have heard some reports of them fixing it or sending a replacement.