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How to fix frozen logitech mouse? Answered

About once a week the cursor/mouse on my computer at work freezes.  The only way to get things working again is to shut off the power to the harddrive and reboot everything.  This is REALLY aggravating.  Is there a less drastic way to fix this?  I am using a Logitech wireless mouse and running Windows XP.


There seems to be a number of complaints on Logitech's website about wireless mice, and many of them are related to using XP. I would suggest (based on what I've read), for you to visit their website, and consider posting your complaint there. They have staff who should respond, and if their suggestions don't solve the issue, they have policies for replacement. It's worth going that route, especially if they consider it as a "known issue".

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Logitech Contact Page

I hope that helps. :)


6 years ago

First, get the latest drivers from Logitech. Although sometimes the older ones work better its still best to go for the newest. I use a Logitech Trackball and somethings things go wrong with it. That is partly because I also have a bunch of other things like a Wacom tablet and the system gets confused.
To trouble shoot this, first you need to find out if it is actually the mouse or the OS. Get a second mouse and when the first freezes, plug the other mouse in. If the OS detects it and starts working then you know its the mouse that is the problem. If the system is completely locked up and it doesn't even detect the new hardware then you have an OS problem and not a mouse problem. You can try uninstalling all the logitech drivers and reinstalling but it might be something else. I have had conflicts between Microsoft drivers and Logitech drivers but they usually do not cause the system to lock up.
If it is the mouse then you should be able to resolve that. Take the battery out and then back in and try the connect buttons. That will reestablish the wireless connection. Also look for something else that might be interfering with the wireless. Logitech has a special utility that is in the folder off the start button that will scan for other wireless devices and it can reassign the mouse and receiver to a different channel if the one it is using has conflicts. So this is where you need to start.

+1; I use logitech on several computers and have for may be 15 years. It always seems to be a driver problem that is fixed by reloading or downloading the update.

Might be a silly question, but what type of batterys are you using... The battery could be low, but on another note, those cheap dollar store battery's are sometimes "shorter" than the name brand battery's.

Duracell - fairly new. The laser light is still lighting up when it is frozen, so that is not the problem in this case. When the battery gets low, the mouse light usually shuts off. Good point, though.