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How to fix scratches on a nes controller? Answered

please Help?????!!!!!!



Best Answer 6 years ago

Fill the scratches with gel type super glue and sand them smooth with progressively finer grits of sandpaper. Apply some touch-up paint the same color as the NES and then buff it smooth.
I used this technique in modeling and it works very well. As long as you work carefully and get a good color match with the paint, the repair should be nearly invisible

Certainly sounds believable, assuming the touch-up paint is a close enough match and holds up to random finger poking.

The best guess I've got, and gods only know whether it would work, would be to sand out the scratches, progressing through finer and finer grades of sandpaper to leave smaller and smaller scratches -- then hit it with a wax or polish or something of that sort to restore the shine.

Or just knock it down until it's no longer distracting to your fingertips, and then not worry about it. How often do you actually look at the controller?