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How to flavour cotton candy? Answered

Flavours like mint,cinnamon vanilla etc...i have a small cotton candy machine which is usually ok when i wanna make alot and recently i tried using cinnamon mixed with normal sugar and it just tastes like burned toast+burned marshmallows...
does sprinkling the powdered flavours as the cotton candy is spinning have any effect on the flavour?
how about liquid flavouring? 


does anyone know how to make sour cotton candy?


5 years ago

i use half sugar and half flavored milk shake powder works and tastes great

The easiest way (aside from buying flavoured floss sugar) would be to flavour the sugar yourself. Depending on your machine, you'll either need granulated sugar or caster sugar. For each flavour that you want to make, get an air tight glass jar and fill with sugar.

To make the vanilla flavour, take a whole vanilla bean and cut it in half and bury it in the sugar of one glass jar. Close the lid and let sit in a cool, dark place (like a cupboard) for at least a week for the vanilla flavour to permeate the sugar.

For cinnamon flavour, bury a whole stick of cinnamon in the sugar of another glass jar, and close the lid. Store like the vanilla sugar for about the same amount of time.

For mint flavour, bury fresh mint leaves into the sugar of another glass jar, close the lid and store along with your other flavours for about a week. For the mint, just make sure the leaves are clean and dry before putting them in the sugar.

After a week, give your sugar flavours a little taste and increase the time (if needed) for a stronger flavour. This process is quite common in baking, and is something I've done many times just to make a vanilla flavoured sugar. It should work very well for making cotton candy. (Just remove the bean, stick and leaves once your done flavouring the sugar).

Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Cotton-candy is hot-spun sugar, it's a novelty and one shouldn't push it too far....
Very hard to do such as it would give you what you want.


Why not buy pre-flovored sugars.

If you want to flavor your own sugar you will need to use liquid extracts to do it. Add a touch of food coloring to change the color of the sugar so people can identify what they are getting. Try adding the flavoring directly to the machine and see what happens.

I think your best bet is to mix it all before it hits the machine. Just slowly mix a drop or 2 of extract with a cup of sugar and see if that flavors the sugar enough for you. Then put it through the machine and see how it comes out. It will take some time to get everything well mixed. The sugar should absorb the flavoring pretty well. Let it dry out and break up any clumps before feeding it into the machine.


6 years ago

As you learned already you can only add flavors that can handle the 300°
heat like vanilla, bauble gum and maple flavors.


You really need to flavor the sugar. you may be able to get food grade powered flavorings or can try dripping some onto the sugar and allowing it to dry them grinding it up again.

Never tried it.