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How to force voice calls through A2DP bluetooth device Answered

Hey all, 

I have an A2DP bluetooth music receiver hooked up to my car. I connect my iphone to it. here is the link to it. 


It plays music pristinely through the device. 

But when I try to make a phone call, it doesn't send the dial tone or the call through the bluetooth device, but only through the iphone.

Is there a hack to force the call through the A2DP device?


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Downunder35m (author)2014-09-13

Ifyou want hands free you need a device that supports it A2DP is music (audio) only.
Phone calls use a different protocol.

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D4VIDLE (author)Downunder35m2014-09-13

ah i see. So for music (audio) streaming and phone call audio support, I would need a module that has A2DP and Hands Free Profile on it? Can you point me towards a direction where I could find one of those? Thanks. Much appreciated.

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