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How to frost plexiglass (w/out buying coating)? Answered

Hey all, trying to find a way to sand about a 10x8 (inch) section of plexi (lucite technically, harder than plexi from what ive read). I dont necessarily want to go out and buy a specific coating, so would sandpaper work? Ive got a good selection of sandpaper, and can get more easily. It is based off of the DIY glowing mouse pad project (on instructables), so would that hinder mouse movement? Just like moving back and forth/tracking issues :)
Thanks, I will post more info if you want since its kinda sketchy...,


As Sandpaper is what you put in the bottom of a bird cage I recommend you use wet and dry paper - wet - Use a fine grit 600 or so and work in several directions.

PS chemical method works as well - wet and dry easier to find.

An easy way is to spray clear varnish in a very fine spray from a distance over the sheet. Lay the sheet flat & keep the can 2' above it.Use a fine mist and keep the layer even ,using short bursts of spray.


6 years ago

Use steel wool rather than sandpaper. Rub the plexi-glass in an overlapping circular pattern and then finish off with long side to side parallel strokes to make the frosted effect uniform.

I can here to suggest steel wool also.


6 years ago

I spilled some trichloroethylene or methyl alcohol on a plex surface
and it frosted a little corner so bad I had to replace it, it didn't buff away.

My pain your gain.


He he. I came onto this question to say the same thing ;-)


If I recall correctly regular acetone has much the same effect. I ruined a sample holder for an IR spectrometer while trying to clean it and I think it was acrylic (might have been poly carbonate in which case acetone might not help for your situation).

Yep, acetone will do it too. Sometimes acetone is more aggressive than trich.


I have some acetone available (about 1/3 of a can). How would I go about applying it? After a test of course.

Outside away from fire and edible plants,
maybe a hair paint brush or a polyethylene squeeze bottle.
Use an aluminum bake pan to ketch the fluid.
I bet some people have better ideas....     A

Acetone is a much safer fluid !

Real Trich and I met in a semiconductor lab. I was tasked to solder a
wire to a metalized silicone dot in a 1/4" metal cup prior to a pull test.
After it cooled,  I would submerge the warm metal cup into a 3" glass
specimen cup half full of real trichloroethylene to clean and disolve
the paste at the solder joint.
I got a bit in a hurry and put a hot pull cup into the trich.... it boiled and
splattered all around.  To my surprise ( my mouth open ) a single drop
of trich landed on my tongue....
I Have Never Experienced Such Wonderful Intense Sweetness
Before or Ever After !!!!

For weeks after that, I seriously considered, if a part of my liver being
dissolved was worth tasting that wonderful poison again !?!

Meth can also kill you and catch on fire !


For what it's worth, sandpaper worked for me on a small piece of plexi -- but I wasn't worrying about making it very even, just converting transparency to translucency. (Somehow, I didn't think the cat door into the bathroom should be transparent. Even though I don't normally have kids in the house.)\