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How to get ALL comments in a PDF download? Answered

Not sure if I'm posting this question in the correct place, so apologies in advance for any mistake I am making here.  I have used Instructables downloads for quite a while but one thing I cannot find how to do:  How do I get the PDF version of an instructable to contain all of the comments posted to it?  I only seem to be able to get the most recent comments in the PDF.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  I'm very interested in the answer to this question because sometimes the most important part of an instructable is the collection of comments, some spanning over many months or even a few years.  Did I just not find the correct switch to select?


Even with the 'comments' box selected the PDF generator truncates comments after a certain count. If you want to capture a specific comment your best best it to generate the PDF when it's near the top of the pile and it should get included. 

I'm moving this to bugs...

Getting all comments to show up should work by default (but doesn't).

The custom pdf option is suppose to minimize the content in the pdf, but in actuality I got 50 of 73 comments (from one of my ibles) through "custom pdf", versus only 7 comments through the main "download pdf" option (which should contain all comments)...

So I don't believe there is anything you can do to fix this. Even paging to the next group of comments (and then selecting 'download pdf') does not yield the oldest of comments.

If you have a Pro account, when you click the pdf download page, there will be a icon on the page that will say Custom PDF, and you can select all the comments..... Though I have a problem downloading so far.....