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How to get Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter)? Answered



9 years ago

Hi Have a wander round your local garden store. Potassium Nitrate is used in: Fertillizer Some Stump Removers and more... But most important read the packet. Orro

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9 years ago

In Canada you can get it at Early's for 8$ for 10 of

You can buy KNO3 as fertilizer (the fertilizer contains usually 97% KNO3) or you can make it.

2HNO3 + K2CO3 = 2KNO3 + CO2 + H2O
KNO3 + KOH = KNO3 + H2O
NH4NO3 + KX = NH4X + KNO3
NaNO3 + KX = KNO3 + NaX

X can be -OH, -SO4, -CO3, -COOH.

Or you can order it froma chem. supply shop (usually they sell 99,9% KNO3).

Unless you're a educator or work in a lab you probably won't be able to order this. Post 9/11 the DEA (drug enforcement administration) has restricted a lot of substances, normally you could order it from Wards Science, or Carolina Biology, or ScienceKit.

Good luck.

Check out your local hardware store. I found some in the form of stump remover that is 100% KNO3. The only problem with this form is that it comes in small little balls, so you either have to grind it up or boil it down to get it to a powder. Hope this helps.