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How to get ROV or RC Submarine to surface? Answered

1) I plan to do a ROV so i gathered some information, But i need more help how to get the ROV from deep water to surface?

2) I have to take pictures from underwater and i have to do some image processing through Matlab so suggest me some best underwater cameras?

3) Please explain me about UROV thrusters?


1. Drop weight

2. Use stored gas to vent water tanks

3. Drive up using power and up tilting side fins or vertical thrusters

4. No idea about the other parts to the question - Sounds like a school project.

Yeah, make it very slightly positively buoyant, and drive it up and down with thrusters. Those BLDC motors would run great submerged, if you were to pot the windings in 'poxy.

I've always Suggested using 12V Marine Bilge pumps or smaller Fountain pumps.

Think of it like a jet boat !

Two facing backwards for forward thrust, One facing out front for reverse, one on the front facing Left and another facing right for turning. You could even use two more for up and down if you decide to skip on the ballast tanks.

Have a look through this Youtuber's channel. He has been working on an ROV sub made for deep sea diving and sonar scanning to help find old wrecks. He's got a lot of information on the project and all the cost cutting ideas he's been using.


If you're serious about it there's this project :


That you can buy their kit and assemble, it'll already have basic functionality, then you can taylor it to your needs or just execute what you need to there.

Or feel free to assemble it from scratch and save few hundreds of the kit :-)

Btw, they do use the vertical thrusters approach that Rick describes.

Did you actually do some research on this?
1) Is the basics of all submarines, so either ballast you can drop or for proper movements ballast tanks.
2) How deep is deep??? Again check what is available in the market - Google is your friend too ;)
3) Same story, a simple Google search shows more than enough info on details required to understand the design and workings.