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How to get a 44 key IR Remote to work on Rf audio Controller for LED's? Answered

I bought a RF Controller and the remote gave me did not have all colors i wanted, and when i bought my LED strip they came with IR remote and receiver and i would like to set it's remote up instead as it had more buttons. But i don't know how.



4 years ago

The remotes use different binary codes and even different carrier frequencies.

These are stored in the micro in the remote.

If you know how to re-program the code information then it is a simple task.

A lot of remotes are designed to allow users to change codes.

If the unit you have can can be changed, the manual will explain how to do just that !

Thank you for your reply, but sadly I did not receive a manual upon buying it. And the manuals I find do not have how to reprogram a remote. I would GREATLY appreciate

it someone would guide me on this process. Thank you.

Unfortunately very few remotes have self learning or reprogramming abilities designed in to them.