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How to get a girl that you like? Answered

How do I get a girl that I like


and the names can be: class nerd school disciplinarian weed addicted dude your name here

Ask her.

lol i have to agree with kiteman.

thats too simple. im sure it involves people in black rappelling into here room humming the matrix theme song and planting tape recorders saying she loves you all over her house.

just make sure she cant escape!!! hmm i might thing about electricfying the doorknob sorry i can spell

hahahaha that would be such a mean prank to pull...

lol go out with me or you get shocked lol that would make a real good impression

just make sure she doesnt call the fuzz secretly if she does just make a chloroform bomb and put it in her driveway thatll scare em! ps you could rob em to lol jk peace

hahahahahahahaha yea, that will work. that idea is right up there with burning your name into her yard with gas

rofls if i could id take like gallons of super glue and put it in your name lol kill all the grass and if you could you can electrify it as well

hahahahahahaha wow... imagine trying to "dispense" it... youd have to use some sort of a nozzle to get it in a even line... and the mess... im sure you would loose atleast 2 layers of skin haha

lol um hook a air compressor and pump it through a garden hose then wear a beekeepers suit rofls

to make it better use metalic paint to put your name then electrify it rofls

"is this paint still wet?" *shooooooooooooooock* "#@%@$#$!#"


hahahahahaha if you put that much effort into getting a girlfriend then you need to be a gem cutter or something...

how is a gem cutter related with all the money you spend you could just buy a prostitute just dont get caught lol

because cutting jems is a tedious job... true hahaha

don't ask instructables it has geek pasted in huge letters all over it!!!! u definatly arent going to get a girl that way

The word is out: Geek's are more socially inept, that is, poorer at lying and hiding their true inner selves.... more and more women would rather have such honesty than have someone who is a charming liar.

Well it depends what you'd call a geek, I'm definitely an instructabler, in fact one that has made instructables involving romance (mainly on getting rid of it lol) However, I'm a pretty skilled liar, have been known to hide my true inner self (in times of nuisance mainly) and have a hge social network of friends and quite a long history with girls... On the other hand one look at my instructables says different... Sometimes I wonder what a geek is these days...

A geek is what I was growing up: obsessed by books, experimentation, and as one folk singer put it "hiding in my room, safe within my womb, I touch no one and no one touches me", socially inept.....unpracticed at social interaction.

See I have books all over my room, mainly because I only have a small bookcase, I've been experimenting on my jet engine and other little bits and pieces for ages and sometimes non stop for days, I'd being playing with something trying to make it work... Where the social life bit comes in I don't know, It happens at some point anyway...

I'm going to ask her out in binary! Just kidding. :P

anyway, at least use hexadecimal ;-)

that would just make her think your a creep. now, if you programmed her car to say you love her every time she hits the brakes...

Ah yes, just think how creeped out she would be if she entered the car and turned over the engine and it said "Hello insert name here, How are you doing today?" LOL

You'd be surprised how many people here are married and have kids. Geek, maybe. But that doesn't mean you can't have a love life.

shhh. only a true geek is allowed to know that. otherwise, everyone would try to be a geek.

Dude, im a geek, and i have a girlfriend, infact she is a grade higher than me. Just cuz we are geeks doesnt mean people dont like us and dont wanna go out with us. Just ask her out, if she says no than srry but she made her choice and if she says yes have fun.

Ermm, speak to her, possibly woo her, mainly get her to like you... ya know just speak, get to know her, unless there's instant attraction then just pluck up the courage and ask her, but in all of this don't bother your ass pretending to be someone else, just ends in failure... Just out of question how old are you? It makes a big difference to the answer to the question...

deary me whatever will they do, someone needs to write a series of instructables on the subject, just like the ones that are already out there...

well, if you do get her, make sure she doesnt see this thread

Of course it is. We believe you, don't we everybody?

rolls eyes. why do so many people ask for help here? a lot of us are geeks running linux. ( i only know one girl mildly impressed by that, and only because there are no viruses from limewire)

why do so many people ask for help here?

Um, are you SURE that is the way you wanted to phrase that question ? LOL

good call. why do so many people ask for help with chicks on a geek forum?

kk. its funny how many suicide/poison/g/f topics we get.

Hey, good news for the Sleek Geek set, have you heard ? Statistics are out: the recommendation for women is to date Geeks because they are so socially inept, they can't possibly hide their true inner selves, and therefor are more open and honest in relationships........oh well, too late for me....but you all have a shot now ! :-)

too late for me. i already found someone who appreciates linux.


10 years ago

No girls says no to chloroform.

Just make sure you try it out ahead of time, you know, to make sure it works.....take 2 big whiffs so that.......

and make sure its a new bottle. they can loose strength over time.

Yeah, be sure to take a good whiff from the bottle to test it LOL

make sure to be sitting and not holding it!!!!

Well, if you don't fall over, you know it is not a good "batch" LOL

just be careful. if you pass out and drop the bottle, you may get cut on the glass fragments. consider plastic bottles.