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How to get around your scholl blocker? Answered



I could tell you how, a beautiful ingenious circumvention method, but I won't. :) If I told you, everyone would know and they would block it :( besides, what could you be trying to get to at school that you shouldn't be? Games? if so, just use your computer at home. if you don't have one, use the library's. They usually don't block stuff.

Hi, I tryd that and it didn't work. Do you know any beside cleanfilter.net. PLEASE HELP ME FIND A GOOD ONE!!!!! Thank you, Ashton Lee Corban

I use this only for viewing things like those dirty, dirty mathematics sites and treasonous expositions of current events, so keep in mind that I am not concerned about being caught...

Portable Firefox with TorButton combined with Portable Tor (with Privoxy/Vidalia interface) has worked well for me. If you are particularly paranoid, you might instead install Tor in your Linux at home and remaster a LiveCD that includes it.

Whatever you do, don't expect anything you do on someone else's computer to be truly private. If you can't imagine successfully justifying your actions to your mother and an overworked and outraged school district techie, don't do it.