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How to get candle wax out of the carpet? Answered

I knocked a burning candle off a side board and the wax has made a mess of our new carpet.


Scrape off the surface layer, then lay something absorbent on it (like paper towel) and iron it. The wax will melt and soak into the towel. Repeat several times.

Make sure the iron is set above the melting point of the wax, but below the melting point of the carpet fibers...


8 years ago

I'll take a bob each way on this.

Put an ice-pack on the wax to really solidify it for 3 minutes or so, and chip as much of it of the carpet as you can holding the base of the carpet tuft with one hand (to 'anchor' it), and scraping the tuft upwards to remove the bulk of the wax.. Then go with the iron/paper solution as advised.

Several layers of white paper towels. Hot iron them so that they soak up the wax as it melts. Do this over and over until no more comes up. It's about the only way to get wax out of carpet / fabric. I've seen it work 99% and sometimes only 50% you never can tell. Good luck.