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How to get liquid gases like hydrogen, xenon, etc. Answered

come on people, not all of us can snap our fingers and get liquid nitrogen for various purposes. HELP US! give us a link or something, fellow robots, blokes, etc.


Neato!Guys, I found a site where you can buy a xenon compound. $98= 2 grams xenon diflouride.

Goto a store in your city that makes Neon sign lighting and ask to talk to one of there sign makers, and respect them, they might be busy and may not have time to talk to you right away... But ask them where to get supplies like Neon and Xenon gases, And be warned they are expensive... And here is a link to a nice forum about neon sign lights and making them, Signweb

And for the more common gases like N2 or argon just goto any welding supplies store and they will be glad to sell you some.... Or commercial gas suppliers like Praxair / B.O.C. / Airliquid, etc....

one problem: i live about 50 miles away from the nearest city that is big enough to have on, and i'm too young to drive.

Thats to bad, I got my first tour of one when I was about 14, and the owner, who was also the only guy there that made the neon artwork, not the signs, just the neon tubing.. Was so surprised to see a kid interested in it, he took about 3 hours to quickly show me all the steps in making a neon light and he would answer every question i asked... (( I just wish now they offered a course in it, but I guess it's a dieing art, thanks to LED's )) Oh and you could ask your parents to drive you, honestly it's not bad for kids to see what trades they might like to get into, and sign makers can make a pretty good living ...

i guess you are right... but neon sign making would be more of a hobby for me. I really love chemistry. the thrill of acid burns... the excitement of xenon sulfide... the joy of radioactive materials...

Sure things don't go bang but the guy i talked to loved his job and he's been doing it for 30 years, which is not some thing lots of people can say... Take a look you might hate it and who knows you might want to become a blaster, there's nothing like getting paid to blow stuff up....

Wait, i've got it: Neon-tube-pipe-bomb-maker! But seriously, you have another good point. And something that I would like more than sign making is spectrum discharge tube making. They're better color-wise, and make great element samples. Hey look, another thing I might try: element collecting. Gah, so many choices!

well you can legally make colourful explosions of light in the night with neon tubing, Ah the joys of being young, <<G>> get out there and try it out, because with the way the schools are going, if you let them decide it'll be, "Would you like fries with that sir ?" (( Oh and parents are more obliging when you tell them your looking into a jobs you might want to do in the future.. they are all thinking YAY they are going to move out some time <<G>> na just buggin ))

And I imagine this companyis making a few bucks selling very nice looking element collections.. (( if only it wasn't $8500 ... ))

i have actually seen this company before, but when i tried to download their product list it froze my computer. this time i will get my dad to help, he's good enough to hunt viruses with a shotgun. and also, my godfather did a bit of the first when he was young and blew up an old bus in the woods. i'll get his help.


10 years ago

Liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen are commonly used in industry, and should be relatively easy to obtain. Try the yellow pages. CO2 and N20 are pretty common too, and are actually liquid at room temperature when sufficiently compressed (a CO2 fire extinguisher contains liquid CO2.) Liquid hydrogen is a real PITA. About 70% of the problems with "hydrogen cars" boil down to that; it's ridiculously un-dense, it leaks everywhere, it requires SERIOUS cryogenic storage, and of course it's dangerously flammable... I believe Xenon is rather expensive.