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How to get rid of radio signal coming from my stereo? Answered

My stereo (sony micro hi fi component system cmt-ep707) consistently plays radio signals.  I get the radio signals when I am any setting other than the fm/am tuner.

How could i get rid of the radio signals? 

Is it something to do with the transistors?
or the speaker cable being slightly exposed or something?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Check all connections to the amp, especially inputs. Make sure there is no corrosion and they are plugged in tight. Sometime corrosion will create a detector for radio signals.

.  +1. Might want to also check grounding, especially at the receptacle (sometimes just turning the plug half-a-turn will help), and short any unused inputs.


7 years ago

Use the insulating tape to wrap the ground socket, view image attached! (sorry for the quality of the image but it's made with a quite old phone)


it doesn't actually have a ground socket..
only the two american prongs.

wrap a thin foil of aluminium (the one found in your kitchen) around the amp... that should do it.... if you still hear a buzz then its not your amp which is getting affected by radio waves or its not radio waves which is making the noise...

It appears that you are not the only one with that problem. It's been reported HERE and HERE, strangely,  both in Manhattan.  Are you near any strong transmitters where you live - It could be a design problem with the shielding of sensitive parts of the amplifier.
There are also several other ideas and suggestions in the pages I linked.

What other inputs are you using ? The classic path is through an auxilliary input. Put a ferrite bead on the input cables - you COULD get them in Radio Shack.