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How to get started in digital art? Answered

I really want to get into digital art. I have had art classes when I was in grade 7 and 8, but none beyond that. I have uploaded 2 paintings my teacher made me draw ( Starry night looks horrible,  I know). I also uploaded a third picture showing that sort stuff I wish I could make.
so, where do I get started? What materials do I need?


The stuff on my ible account is horrible, so don't look there :)

Check out my youtube instead, you can see that I stick to clip arty style and I touch among concept art.

It completely depends and what you want to draw. Vector style? Realistic Paintings, cartoons... aartcritiques ideas are very good, I used would reccomend buying a £15-30 graphics tablet (bamboo probably) and then doing has aartcritique said, i used to draw countless ovals until i could get a circle :).

Then once you have decided what syle you can play with brushes and techniques.


Like in the video above, I am new to proper concept art, I added many metal spheres to help with my reference. As time goes on I will now longer need these reference images. (I used a normal brush round and lowered opacity to increase blending. But I usually use watercolours.) I hope you found at least some of that helpful, if you want any other help let me know :) (And your paintings are very good, I agree with aartcritique!)

Your paintings are actually pretty good. Do you want to learn digital art (painting on a computer) or are you looking more along the lines of acrylic paints?

I can't really help much with traditional painting, because I don't generally do it, but digital art, that's another story.

If you don't want to spend any money at the moment, I recommend downloading GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). It is what I use for almost all of my digital art. You can download it for free at the developer's site (www.gimp.org).

I also highly recommend using a smooth stroke practice sheet. Open the attached image in the program you wish to use and practice drawing white lines down the center of the black stripes. Doing this a few times every day can greatly improve your control. You can also practice tracing photos until you get a feel for things.

Hopefully this helps!


Great answer aartcritique. Thanks for the info. I am going to pass it along to a nephew I think would be able to use it. And maybe I'll give it a try myself.


2 years ago

These are the paintings:


Both of those paintings look fabulous. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with them. The geometric design has excellent balance and visual appeal. The Starry Night is clearly recognizable to anyone who has ever seen Starry Night. It doesn't matter if it isn't exactly like the original. It's your own.

And nothing your teacher makes you do will ever be as good as what you do because you want to do it. Find your own style and go with it.

I can't help you with the digital stuff. I barely know how to use a computer. Good luck in whatever you do. :)

I think your pictures show you off to a great start, OP! You should check local colleges to see what courses they offer. A lot of schools even offer specialized courses but they can get a bit costly. You might also want to teach yourself a few things by diving in, then finding apprenticeship or intern opportunities. Good luck!


2 years ago

Got this from the cinema 4d gallery


I would say this is based on a foto but not done by manual painting so to speak.
Most people I know that do artwork on the computer use a good sized digitizer and a pressure sensitive pen for it.
When it comes to "misusing" a foto to digitally modify it as a piece of art you can find enless amounts of Photoshop tutorials and videos online.