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How to glue feathers. Answered

I want to glue feathers to a small curved wooden box in a lifelike manner.
(I know wooden boxes aren't usually feathered, but you know what I mean #;¬)

The feathers are about 2 inches long and a bit fluffy.  PVA glue has been suggested elsewhere but is it possible to do this in a reasonable amount of time as I can imagine dislodging un-set feathers while adding others.  Another alternative would be is hot / cool melt glue but I can imagine this as being too bulky.

Does anyone who has done this have any tips?


Double-sided tape perhaps?


How about a faster-setting glue, such as Uhu?

Thanks - Why didn't I think of that?
That would probably do the trick.

As Kitewife often says, sometimes you just need another set of eyes.

All too often we forget that "another perspective" or someone with a different set of experiences can ofttimes see what we refuse to see :-)

Absolutely, but sometimes we just miss the bleedin' obvious.   The first thing I saw when I went to my workbench in the loft after posting the question today was a tube of UHU I'd been using a couple of days ago.

It has to do a lot with belief, BELIEVE IT OR NOT (no pun intended). I have shown this to my wife often....she can't find something, and when I point out that it was under her nose all this time our in the open, she is baffled. But because she KNEW it wasn't there, or convinced herself that she could not find it, or figure it out, the mind IGNORED what was right in front of her.....these are the moments we need REALLY good friends to help, because they won't mock us for missing the obviuos.....we all do it... more often then we'd like :-)

I did a mental scan over my Big Box of Assorted Adhesives - contact, cyanoacrylate, PVA, epoxy, pritt-stick etc, but missed that tube of UHU lurking down in the corner.

I've been in a state of Instructables Stasis for a while.  I had something complex planned for the LED / Micro contest but realised it would be nowhere near ready, then a couple of other small things which I lost interest in but now the 'feathery box' project is the one I'm going with for a couple of the comps.

Old dog learns a new UHU here.
Only found it on ibles custom search.
Knowing what it takes to make an arrow, would UHU work here ?
Does UHU grab non-dragon human skin :-) ?


UHU has been around in the UK for decades, and the common type is a single part clear glue with a distinctive solvent smell which sets in 20 minutes or so.  Easy to get off fingers.

A useful variant is UHU POR which is a contact adhesive, but doesn't dissolve any of the common foams (polystyrene, depron etc) like others do.

As for archery, apparently THIS is what you need, but I wouldn't like the job of collecting it!  (Burn likes UHU #;¬)

I would think you have to drill a massive amount of holes on the surface to accept the quill of the feather, if you want it realistic and coming out of the surface at a realistic angle. Otherwise, you still have a mat of feathers. I think you can set it with those super glues for porous surfaces or fill with other adhesives.

I think hole drilling would be a bit to much of a chore here, but I was planning to cut off the bare part of the quill and try and angle the feathers out a bit.  If I start at the base and work up the overlap should cover up the glue spot of the row before - until I get to the top, of course.  I'm not looking for perfection here - just an impression of 'birdyness' .

Then the hot glue would be a better bet to position the angle of the quill before it sets hard. You will still have a blob of glue at the base and would still need to wait for the thicker liquid glues to set up.

Kiteman is the resident ornithologist to ask if you are trying to pattern the feathers in a realistic way.

This is going to be roughly an owl shaped body covered with what look like guinea-fowl feathers, so anatomical accuracy isn't the priority.