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How to hang an inspiration wire? Answered

Just wondering if anybody knew of a way to get an inspiration wire that taut AND also flush against the wall?

Like this, but flush against the wall:

We're trying to add some posters to a wall but it needs to limit the holes in the wall itself and also have it not move very much (with a wire that isn't flush against the wall, all the posters will flap around too much).  Any thoughts?


Use Scotch Command Hooks to hang your wire. Here's a link. You can get them stronger. They release with NO damage to the wall surface. I've used several of them for different things including a coat hook for a heavy winter coat. It's been holding on the wall for 4 years no problem.

Instead of wire (which can be tough to get taught and in place), I would get a roll of extra strong (high test) fishing line. It'll be a lot easier to tie to a couple eye hooks and get to lay flat to the wall. It's also nice to use because its basically clear, so you won't see it that easily, its generally very strong, and cheap (try a Walmart or even a dollar store).