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How to hook up a towbar to a 2004 Nissan Xterra? Answered


Rent a dolly.  That's a hitch with two wheels that you put the front wheels of your nissan into and it tows from there.  Newer cars with the impact bumpers are hard to mount a towbar to.  You have to mount to the frame.  THe dolly is easier and saver.


8 years ago

I bought a tow package on eBay from a business that seems to cater to people looking for a three point hitch.  Shipping was expensive for me but the product is nice. 

call Nissan. best bet is the source. You may also find that in your auto manual, generally stuffed down at the bottom of the glove compartment underneath a few dozen unused fast-food napkins, the vehicle registration notice (and last years, and the year befores', and...)

seriously...all else fails, call or stop by your local Nissan dealership and ask to talk to someone in the shop/parts department. They may even give you a printout showing the specific area(s) you can use. Dealers are often quite helpful....you may be back when you want another.

best wishes