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How do i allow others to see my photo library? Answered

I have uploaded some photos to my photo library and i want them to be viewed by other members.  But there is no tab on my profile page for others to click on my photo library.  I do not have an instructable.  I just wanted to show the original poster of the project to see my project.  Is there a way to add a tab to my profile page with the link to my photo library? 


If you are using firefox, open your image library, find your picture and simply right click the image and choose "copy image location"

to send the image in a PM, comment or whatever. use this code
img src=https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FRV/1H3W/HGH6XB93/FRV1H3WHGH6XB93.MEDIUM.jpg

The code will not work unless you add a greater than symbol at the beginning and the less than symbol at the end. <>

I'm pretty sure you can't. If you want to show someone a photo, you either have to post it in some sort of instructable or in a comment. I you could try making a photo instructable, leaving it unpublished, and sending the unpublished link to someone else. I'm not entirely sure if that would work or not though.

Thanks for the reply's. I wonder if i could link the url of my photo library in a pm or comment and they could see the whole library, or do you think i will have to do it one at a time?

The problem is, I can't seem to find any dedicated link to the photo library. I'm not sure what webpage it would be hosted under (if any). Photo's is either going to be one at a time, or making a forum topic, linking all of the photo's too it, and sending out the link to that forum topic. It won't be private, but I don't think that many people will read it if you title it/bury it properly.

As things stand, you cannot. As well as Stumpchinkman's idea of making a private photo instructable, each image has its own URL which you can share.

Otherwise, you could also add your images to Tumblr or similar for sharing purposes.