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How to improve my cutting skill? Answered


As the title, I wonder how can I improve my cutting skill. I am a beginner at cooking and I found it hard to make every slice to be the similar size, so I think I need more practice on using knife, can you recommend some ways and materials for practicing cutting? I can only think of potatoes, but I think it's kinda horrible to eat potatoes every meal....



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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-05-16

Honestly, the way I learned was cooking with lots of vegetables! Make soups with a base of carrots, onions, celery and garlic. Try cutting up a variety of root vegetables and roasting them. Stir-frys and salsas will be good practice too. :)

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sgmchef (author)2018-01-14

Hi VermillionW, It is easier and safer to start with softer vegetables like zucchini, mushrooms and bananas. Celery is slightly firmer but because of its length, you can get a little better rhythm going. If you do decide to practice on root vegetables, understand that if you keep the tip of the knife on the cutting board the knife will always go straight down. Take your time, speed comes with practice.

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