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How to improve my human hair hygrometer ? Answered


I've built a hygrometer similar to the ones you can find online, al be it a bit different.
A hair of 20 cm is hanging from above, it's tied to a nut keeping the tension with it's weight, the nut is pulling a thin long stick (held in place at one end while the other end is the indicator).
So when humidity rises the stick lowers and vice versa.

There is one problem, the difference is too small between 100% humidity and 0%
Could this be solved by adding more hair (increasing strength).
Using even longer hairs (increasing total compression and decompression)
Or is there something I'm not seeing here.

Many thanks in advance.

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Downunder35m (author)2017-08-09

Use a lever ;)
With the fulcrum in the right place a tiny difference will give a big change at the other end.

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rickharris (author)iceng2017-08-10

Yep leverage:

1. Make the rod the hair is attached to a much shorter end.

2. If you putting the hair round a rod so that it twists then make the rod smaller.

3. Ditch the nut and attach the hair to something solid.

Click on image for full size.

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