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How to insert addtional holes for brackets in a wooden entertainment center? Answered

I want to add additional holes for the shelf brackets in my entertaiment center. The current holes are either to high or low for the placement of the TV. Please let me know if and how I can add additional holes for the brackets?


1 Measure the size of the hole required.

2 Determine the location of the new holes you want and mark them as accurately as possible..

3 Select a drill bit to make the hole size measured in step one.

4 Drill the new holes.

it really is as simple as that.


Measure thrice, drill once.

If you only want to raise the shelf say maybe 1" then add a 1" thick piece of wood across the ends of the shelf making the shelf 1" higher.  Drilling the holes now is tricky.  Hard to get them square and hard to no drill thru the sides of the cabinet.

Are we just talking about brackets that have little pegs on them that slip into plain round holes, or are the holes more complicated than that?

Is is real wood, or something else? Are the existing holes reinforced in any way?


if you screwed brackets with nails into the speakers, you should be fine