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How to let people respond to a comment before you even made it! Answered

I noticed this by accident and there is no harm you can do with it.

You just go to a topic (any topic you like) and reply to the last comment (the one above in the list).

You typ in your comment in the reply screen but you don't submit it! Instead you select your comment and copy it. Then you immediatly click on "add a comment" (so don't press cancel in the reply screen) and paste it there.

Then when you click comment, the site does something weird and it thinks the last person who commented made a reply to you! (see image) (note the completely different dates)

This also seems to work with comments in the middle.. But here it does something other that is really strange. When you submit your comment. Your comment is put on the top but the comment you were replying to first gets reassigned to look like a reply to the comment above it!

Try it out if you like. It worked for me.

although you can do no harm with it and although people won't really find a use for it I reported it anyway :)


EDIT: I just noticed when somebody replies to your comment it turns itself good again. (Look at the gator-chopper made from real gator topic


 And you figured this out HOW??


Well I don't think a facepalm is in order here. It's not like I was going "oh let's look what we can do with this message system!"

I wanted to reply to something kiteman said but then thought it was more of a global comment and wanted to just add it like a regular comment. And then when I submitted I noticed this happend simple as that...

now go facepalm every person who came up with something randomly...

Lawl, that is epic.

Cool. I wonder if they're going to change it....