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How to make 18V battery - Thanks for your help its sorted now :D Answered

Hi Everyone, I have a handheld dremel thing that needs a 18V power source to run at max speed, currently i ma using one 9V battery but the drill doesn't cut anything. SO i need to connect two 9V batteries to make an 18V power source, I have no idea how to do this can one of you geniuses help me ?? lol whoever helps me first wins a prize....... the prize is pride and a pat on the back (lol i hate it when teachers say that) Thanks Guys !!!!


at leas you have a dremel :' (

you need to connect them in series so... pos to neg to pos and so on untill you reach the required voltage (+)9vdc(-) --->(+)9vdc(-) this will give give the 18vdc your after


10 years ago

try using an old laptop psu they are strong and most are rated at 18V

all i know is to use a A23 12 volt battery, costs nuthin and if it doesn't work for ur needs, omen it and get a bunch of button cell batteries

aha! combine all of the 1.5V button cells from two A23 batteries to make 18v, tape them together and that is it!

thats quite a good idea i think ill try that thanks :D

You might try three of the square/rectangle 6v "lantern batteries" in sequence. As a last (expensive,but awesome)resort you could go with three 6v (rechargeable) motorcycle batteries. I don't think 2 of the little 9's will run it.

What was the old battery?

i used to run it on a single 9V battery, but it needs at least 12V to go fast enough to cut things


10 years ago

9V batteries of the type you show don't supply enough current to run big motors like a dremel. You'd be better off stringing C or D cells together. I suspect that 4 C cells (6V) will work better than the 9V "transistor" cell you're using now...

. If all you have laying around is 9V xistor batteries, hook two of them in series to get 18V.
  __________________  +  |                                      motor  |-------+ |-------+ |----------  -
. I'm with westfw, xistor batteries aren't going to provide the current you need for full-speed/full-load operation. Look at the cord on the grinder and look at the wires on 9V battery snap connectors.

. Well, my "drawing" didn't turn out as expected, but you should be able to get the idea

lol, i understood the drawing, ill try the series method first, but im going shopping tomorrow so ill go to the electronics tore and buy a big battery. Thanks for your help !! :D

i also have the large 1.5v cylinder shaped ones, would these work??


Just use 9v battery clips. :P Or just connect them together, that works, but wastes the battery's energy.

what are you talking about? i really dont understand you. do you mean in parallel? thats still 9 volts, but about twice the run time.

wire the batteries in series; the plus of one to the minus side of another