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How to make Aluminium Table Ware Answered

Is there a better way to mold aluminium into tableware than using green sand molds?


Die-press from flat stock. Steel injection molds should work. Lost wax with modified plaster molds. If you look into old pewter molds, you MIGHT be able to make a two part pour mold out of high temp materiel-bearing in mind that anything easy to mold is going to fall apart quickly.

Spinning, diecasting, lost wax, billet machined, pressed. Sand casting will be horribly porous and the metal brittle.

Thought, you could make a two part mold of the silverware in clay or rubber, then take investment/modified plaster casts to duplicate the molds and use them as waste molds with maybe a few casts each before they start eroding. DO NOT just use plaster-the water in it has to have a way to escape or it will crack or explode when the aluminum hits it. Fine sand (50:50) added has been said to work, investment IF burnt out should work but is very soft.