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How to make Commercial Grade Apple Cider? Answered

I'm not sure if my question was forwarded, so here it is again!  I have a Food Grade 250gal container that is within a medal cage, that keeps the container from over expanding!  What I want to know is how much Sterling Compound do I need per gal.?  I also want to know how much Yeast it takes for a 'start'?

Is it possible, to put Whole Cored Apples into the container and let them break down a 'must'  much like Whole Cluster Fermentation in Grape Wine?



In general apples are grated commercially and DIY to increase the surface area for pressing.

Only the juice is fermented not the whole apples. (unless you want to make a particularly rough dark brown liquid.)

As for sterilising follow the manufacturers recommendation.

Apples should be able to provide their own yeast from the natural yeasts on the skins when pressed.

Commercial juice may well be pasteurised and then have added brewers yeast added.

It is also vacuum filtered to gain the clarity the customer expects.

Bear in mind American "cider" is apple juice. They qualify it with "hard" when its the stuff we know and love...

Really! I didn't realise, Cider with no alcohol! well who would think people would actually drink it!. Must be a shock if they order it in the UK :-)

I was put off enough by their beer.

In which case the comment about grinding and pressing is even more pertinent.

We were at some cooking event once in Florida where a lady related exactly what a shock it had been when she bought some for her kids, when her husband had been posted over our side. . Woodpecker I think it was called......

That would make you bang your head against a tree! :-)

He does say he wants to add yeast so I guess he is going for the hard option.

I always find that the hard bit is stopping the juice fermenting.