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How to make Homemade arrows? Answered



if you wanna go natural take the top part of some kane and make sure its straight. then take a nail and put it inside the tip and use electrical tape and tape an inch from the tip up to about two inches from the head of the nail (depending on how long) then use feathers and glue them to the back and bow

find some very straight dowels, sharpen one end, then on the other end, glue some feathers onto it, in a pattern sortof like this: _/ \ the dowel would be where the three lines converge. cut your nock, then wrap thin string around the base of the nock to prevent the wood from splitting from the string, and continue the wrap through the feathers, more loosely spaced, so as to not deform the feathers too much. mix some two-part epoxy and use it to hold the string tight. the type of head depends on you, but if you've committed this much time to the arrow already, might as well go for something sturdy, try wrapping the tip in a bit of aluminum, tight over the wood, and wrapping it with the string again. Hope this helps!

the auto-format tweaked my diagram, it should look like this: _/ ...\ hope that is clear enough, just ignore the periods and focus on the lines.

Buy some wooden dowels from any hardware store i think what i got was 3/8ths of an inch sharpen one end with a pencil sharpener then shrink on some heat shrink tubing over the point to keep it from splitting. for flights cut two small triangles out of a yogurt container lid use hot glue and glue them about an inch from the unsharpened end make sure they are straight across from each end then use a small file to make a notch in the unsharpend end for the string might make an instructable for this when i get time hope this helps

use wooden dowel and sharpen 1 end then use some stiff card for the fins

wood / plastic stick duct tape / electrical tape for the head and tail