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How to make LEDs brighter Answered

So you know when you pick an LED flashlight from the store the are so bright! Even though they are still using  3 volt 20mA they are hooked up to some circuit that makes them brighter than just hooking them up to 3 volts. The circuits generally include 1radical capacitor, capacitor, some transistors, some other blue barrel-looking thing, a diode (i think), and a few resistors. How is it possible to make them brighter without damaging them?

I've included a picture of the circuit. Please help me understand why this make the LEDs brighter and how I can make one. 

Oh, BTW, the LED light has only two modes, ON/OFF



Longer life = less brightness (using less voltage and miliamps than LED design)
Shorter life = more brightness by giving slightly higher voltage, say ~3.2 instead of 3.0...

2. Use 10mm leds instead of 3 or 5 mm ones!

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5 years ago

Jwel Thief? are you guys trying to say 'Joule Thief " ?
Anyways, the cicruit is a step-up converter or a boost system that provides 3.2v to the LED from a single Cell (1.5v)

That circuit doesn't make the LEDs brighter. They are just brighter LEDs to start with. That circuit is basically a jewel thief which allows the LEDs to run longer on a set of batteries or run off 3V when those 3 LEDS would need 6V without the added circuitry.