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How to make YouTube load faster? Answered

If YouTube all of a sudden started loading slow then clear your cache and history (in chrome the first 4 check boxes under clear cache or history. If you have different suggestions please share for the world




Best Answer 4 years ago

A virus is using your CPU cycles unknown to you.

It definitely could be a virus like Iceng said, but it could also be a bandwidth issue. Some solutions:

1) Try lowering the resolution of the video. That will make it so your computer and router don't have so much to think about, so it will load faster.

2) Also, if you are connecting to your router wirelessly, try turning off or disconnecting any other devices connected to the wifi, even if you are not using them. This will mean that they are not hogging your wifi and your computer will be given all the space on the router the router will supply.

3) If all else fails, get more bandwidth from a better router or internet provider. This costs money, but it will give your computer more "leg room" to load the video.

Hope these solutions help, and consider making this a new forum topic- could be very helpful.

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I am pretty sure they are already doing everything possible to load as quick as possible, google is biggest internet-company in the world.

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