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How to make a DIY mosquito trap? Answered

I've had great success with the fly trap using a bottle. Can you do something for mosquitoes as well?



5 years ago

Take a normal 20 inch box fax, and drape some mosquito netting in front of it. Attach it to the sides with tape or magnets, so that the netting forms a bag. The fan flows into the netting, mosquitoes that fly near it get trapped and shortly die.
skeeterbag.com is an example of what I'm talking about that you can buy. I Just put one together tonight with a yard of tulle and some refrigerator magnets. It's already caught a few dozen mosquitoes without using bait.

The less eco freindly version is one drop of motor oil in any standing water ie puddles around your house.... a cup for ponds.... it may also kill some frogs, but hey, they are noisy. Another option might be a CO2 trap... or try a box fan trap with smelly socks as bait. Be sure to have the sock hang out far enough.

I can't believe you'd suggest pouring motor oil in a pond. I can't think of a more stereotypical way to damage the environment. I've heard the fan traps work quite well.

my grandmother used to place some greek coffee on a piece of tinfoil and light it in fire. it burns slowly and produces a white smoke. this smoke repelles all the flying insects that i have on my area. including mosquitos. i dont know if you have greek coffee (also called turkish coffee) in your area. according to wikipedia : "Turkish coffee is a method of preparation, not a kind of coffee. Therefore, there is no special type of bean. Beans for Turkish coffee are ground or pounded to the finest possible powder; finer than for any other way of preparation. The grinding is done either by pounding in a mortar (the original method) or using a burr mill. Most domestic coffee mills are unable to grind finely enough; traditional Turkish hand grinders are an exception." i hope i was helpful enough


8 years ago

Even better, get a bug zapped and wire it up to a 6 volt lantern battery. I do this all the time, it literally disintegrates the bugs leaving nothing but smoke. Hope I helped!

IF you have a Pond or another place for mosquito larva to grow put goldfish in. If you do it about a month before the mosquito season and you will be sure to have way less mosquitos. Plus goldfish are cheap and Are Eco-Friendly