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How to make a Giant Floppy Hat? Answered

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows how to make giant floppy hat like :




Thank you!!


Lokks like what you want is what's known as a Very, or Extremely, or Ultra-, or just plain Broad-Brimmed Ladies Hat; sometimes also called a Picture Hat.

Hopefully you can find a pattern for it under one of those names - if not, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

The closest thing I could find an Instructable for is the "Checkpoint Charlie Hat", which should provide some good general hat-making tips. (But you want a floppier brim that that hat calls for, so I'd suggest using medium-heavy duty interfacing insted of the plastic used for that brim.)

Hope this helps.

What if you get hold of a really massive floppy hat, then wash it in very hot water and put it through the dryer, to shrink it down to a giant floppy hat?


My first thought was to get hold of a bunch of those really giant old 8" floppy discs and make the hat out of them. (If you used 10 discs, you could store almost 10 MB of data!)

teehee ... I'm kind of embarrassed to say but... I own no floppy disks. none. at. all. never have. lol... maybe CDs?? ^_^ (of which I own very little as well. I'm a flash drive girl :D )

Nothing embarrasing about that. Here on the other side of the generational/late adopting-Luddite-divide, I own no flash drives, none at all. (But somewhere around here, I may still have a deck of key-punch cards containing a FORTRAN program.) (Oh god I'm old.)

It'd be tricky to make a wearable hat out of CDs. Flash drives would be even worse, but if you could do it, you might have nearly half a terabyte's worth of hat. :)

Or you could do a hat running the gamut of memories:
  • 8" floppy for the top of the crown
  • 3-1/2 inchers for the sides of the crown
  • 5-1/4 floppies for the brim
  • CD cut to form a visor-section of brim at front
  • magnetic tape hatband
  • magnetic iron memory core, or flash drive, or both, as hatband ornaments atop a -
  • key-punch card cut into a feathery frill

lol LOL. That would be awesome!! except... a MASSIVE floppy hat cost roughly twice as much as a giant floppy hat. And I'm broke :( lol

oooo... I never knew it had all those names. I just call it a floppy hat ^_^ (as you can see) I'll look for the pattern. Thanks a bunch!! ^_^

I forgot "wide-brimmed" as another name variation.

It's a fashion industry thing - if your competitor has just come out with his Extra-Wide-Brimmed Ladies Hat, then you can respond with your Ultra-Broad-Brimmed Picture Hat. The hats may be identical, but for effective advertising, the names have to be different.

http://wkdesigner.wordpress.com/2008/08/18/summer-wide-brimmed-hat/ I FOUND IT!!!!! *jumps up and down and does the happy dance* YAYYY!!!! Just needed to know what to look for. Thank you guys! And there's the link if anyone else in interested. ^_^

Cool!!! I'm so glad I could help. :)