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How to make a Harry Potter lighting scar? Answered

A grandson will go as Harry Potter.
I would like to make a scar to spirit gum to his forehead.

As a kicker I plan to put an smd LED under the appliance.
Powered by a flat cell in the hair and fine magnet wire for conductors.

So far I was planing to use a glue gun to form the scar on a tin can
for simulated forehead curved shape..

Any suggestions on a better material or kit will be greatly appreciated !



Best Answer 4 years ago

You can try glow in the dark paint! If it is strong enough, it will also work in low light.

Good idea, simple to do !
I will ask his mom if we can use the fluid from a red glow stick on his forehead.


4 years ago

Thanks all....
Went and bought a scar kit on Amazon.