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How to make a Pencil/ Pen vending machine. Answered

I have been wanting to make one for years but don't have the skills to do this. Maybe if someone made one and posted instructions I could follow.

They could make a lot of money at schools/libraries.


Can I just say it will not take money when I make this.

Unless you have a box next to it saying "10p per pencil put in cup"!

You know what I will make one for you!

Give me a week or less and I will make one!

I will give you the link when I have done!

No hurry, we aren't rushing towards the apocalypse or anything (unless a GOP president gets elected). :-)

To "dispense" one pencil/pen at a time, I am sure a soda straw dispenser (single straw at a time) could be modified for this service.

Something that functions mechanically should do. Something that uses the size, shape, and weight so that when it drops into the bucket, tada! pencil/pen comes out. To counter the string tied to a coin trick, put razors around spots where the coin will go so the string would get cut and make someone disappointed. I don't have time to post instruction due to an on-going project that needs lots of attention to complete (I could only post a slideshow on it because it's fairly complicated). Anyway, just use the mechanical approach.

Pen/pencil vending machines? I never knew such things exist until now! lol

Haha and now we return to the original question. I just don't know enough to be able to embed a uP nor do i know what a uP is. haha

Sorry,   uP would stand for microprocessor,  but I really meant something like an  Arduino, PIC1640,   or  even a BASIC stamp or such.

They actually have a pencil dispenser at my school. You put in 25 cents, and you get a pencil. just google it

I know, but all the ones i find are about 200 dollars i was hoping to spend a lot less.

We had one at my school too when I was in elementary school!

. Why re-invent the wheel? Put your merchandise in packages that are, eg, candy bar shaped/sized and use a "standard" vending machine.

I completely agree, I dont want to get over complicated. But I can't find any relatively small machines that vend candy bars. They all tend to be the large ones that also can sell, drinks, chips, etc. That would be much to large for the purpose I want it to serve.

But if they are packaged in plastic like CDs or anything else, you will not be able to get them open unless you bring in something past the metal detector.